Friday, April 24, 2009

Sustainable living: Earthship Biotecture

Look at this beautiful could call it home!
walls made of TIRES! Fantastic!

Nuzzled somewhere outside Taos, New Mexico is a community successfully living sustainably, and green. They live day to day from solar panels, natural venting, windmills, and other energy saving options. The houses are made from recycled tires, glass and aluminum containers, dirt and straw, it's truly amazing.

The structures use rain water, and can sustain a family in areas where only 7 inches of rain fall annually. That's incredible! Not to mention the water is recycled to feed your indoor garden, and then is used as toilet water. You use water 3 TIMES before it's filtered out of your home, into an outside garden.

Earthship was 1st started in 1989 by a super cool dude named Michael Reynolds. Look at his sweet site posted below. Watch the videos, look at pics, read about the intern program. Even rent an Earthship for a special occasion for as low as $100. (That's my plan!)

From one bedroom/one bath to custom designs, the options seem pretty flexible with houses ranging from $150,000 and up. So you get to reconnect with nature, and live in a super cool looking house, AND live green. Totally worth it!

I hope to see these popping up around my hood soon. Inspiring, and hopeful! I love it.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Parade in New Orleans

Yesterday I marched with Krewe Do Craft: ,for the second annual Good Children Carnival Club: Easter Parade up St. Claude in the Marginy here in New Orleans. The parade was awesome of course, full of wonderful costumes, colorful umbrellas, music, and unforgettable handmade throws. This parade is a treasure and I'm sure will become more so in the following years!

**Coming together, rebuilding our city, and letting our spirit grow!**

Check out my Flickr for other pics as well.