Thursday, November 20, 2008

Banksy In New Orleans!

As some of you know the amazingly talented British street artist 'Banksy' was recently in New Orleans. Banksy's work is recognized for his stark political imagery, which is executed anonymously.

New Orleanians are proud to have his work displayed on and around the buildings in our city. It's an honor to 'discover' his work, one that is shared with excitement with friends and family.

But, we have an ENEMY! Orleans street artist's have been battling Fred Radke also nicknamed The Gray Ghost since before Katrina. Th Ghost has taken it upon himself to cover ANY and ALL street art with flat gray paint. Fred defends himself saying graffiti is a sign of gang activity and drug dens. Meanwhile our colorful and vibrant city is being blotched with gray paint everyday. Even murals, have fallen victim. The New Orleans police seem to support his efforts even though Fred's paint also qualifies as vandalism, and is unappreciated and disliked by most locals. My friends at NOLA RISING have gone head to head with The Ghost for too long.

This piece was actually 'grayed' by Banksy, commenting on the gray ghost.

Where am I going with this? Let me get to it...
Fred was caught red handed painting over Banksy's works, and the artist's of New Orleans are speaking out about it. Banksy is a respected artist, and it's an honor to have his work here in our city! It's not so often someone can get their political messages out there to the public.

I was happy to stumble on one of his very popular works this weekend, and had my camera! SOMEONE covered the beautiful piece with acrylic bolted right into the side of the building. It will be protected from the Gray Ghost, and enjoyed for as long as we can keep it there. I was so proud to call New Orleans my home, this is why NOLA is OOAK!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

the beginning

Ok here I am blogging world! lol

I'm starting a blog, because there's so much I want to share, and this will be a great starter before a website.

I'll be posting about jewelry, art, New Orleans, adventures, life, and whatever I feel like!