Friday, February 13, 2009

Krewe Do Craft and Mardi Gras

Last year a group of us New Orleans crafters decided to start our own Mardi Gras Krewe. Our mission is to bring light to the very obvious issue New Orleans faces every Mardi Gras season: TRASH! After every parade the streets are literally covered with broken bead and trinkets.

The street sweepers have kept up on the clean up the last few years, but the WASTE is just mind boggling. Although most beads are recycled back as throws every year, their destiny is to become trash soon enough. And need I mention where most of the throws come from? China...
Krewe Do Craft is proud to be the 1st marching Krewe to throw about 90% HANDMADE throws! MAGNETS,T-SHIRTS,JEWELRY AND WEARABLES,TOYS,TRINKETS,ETC.

So we'll have less throws, and not everyone will catch something...but our items will be kept and treasured, instead of thrown into a landfill in a few days, or years.

If you're in the city, come check us out this year, and catch some HANDMADE with love throws!

We'll be marching with the Box of Wine Parade, before Bacchus on Sunday Feb. 22, from SECOND St. to CLIO St. This years theme is "Alice in Craftyland", so it'll be hard to miss our whimsical display of costumes!

My throws will consist of bouncy ball rings, magnets, pins, and my Cheshi-smile' stuffed animals.

you know you want one.