Monday, November 8, 2010

Adbusters, and Activists

If you want to read something more than Hollywood drama, and if you aren't already familiar with AdBusters, check it out:

It's an in your face look at our culture, world conflict, advertising, and life as we know it. It asks questions, and shares answers. It's about art, expression, and honesty.

It isn't always pretty or uplifting- but it's sure to educate, and stir your brain pot.

Progress forward, educate yourself.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Create and Donate

a double rainbow at burning man...yyaaaayyy

During an unexpected overnight stay in Denver, CO flying home from Burning Man, I decided to grab a bottle of wine and unwind at the pool before returning to the 'reality' of everyday life.

A nearby liquor store carried a nice selection, and my
choice was between a Dog House Zinfandel, who donates 50 cents for every bottle sold to a seeing eye dog foundation called Guard Dogs for the Blind, or a Tin Roof Cabernet Sauvignon. I was more in the mood for a Cab, not to mention the label was dreamy so Tin Roof would be my drink of choice for the evening.

I'm happy to report that the TR Cab. is a lusciously sweeter red, at an affordable price. This wine would be an excellent choice for those who prefer a white, but want to switch things up- or as a gift but are unsure of preference.

As I relaxed in the hot tub, recollecting my thoughts from my newest adventure of Black Rock City, I kept thinking about Dog House Wines. Had I made the right choice; did I pass on donating to a great cause because I wanted to be seduced by a label? Right or wrong choice the Tin Roof was definitely right...

Already a conscious shopper, living in New Orleans and experiencing the effects of Katrina and now the Gulf BP oil spill encouraged me to be an even more conscious human being. With my new 'Save the Gulf' series, raising money for the clean up efforts, and the overflow of other local artists contributing just the same-you become aware of the power of community, and activism.
like this shirt made by my good friend Phil at inexplicable confetti , I have this shirt and I love it
"$5 from each sale goes to benefit the Audubon Society and they efforts to save the coast."

So it dawned on me soaking in a hot tub at a Denver hotel alone on a Tuesday night, reflecting on life with a delicious glass of Tin Roof Cabernet in hand. Create and donate.

Imagine the world we could create, if everyone who makes something could donate even just a little to a cause they believe in. Or ALOT like Paul Newman, really and who doesn't love Newman's Own ?

So the next time you're faced with a decision don't just be seduced by the romantic label, although an occasional seduction is always fun, but make an important deciding factor that of contribution and community support. Consider Dog House Wine's next time you grab a bottle of wine for a gathering, gift, or quiet night at home. Enjoy & contribute- they're labels pretty cute too.

UPDATE: I pleased the contribution Gods just days later with an abita's SOS (donations to gulf restortation) while enjoying Lake Pontchartrain, good sushi, and great company...
SOS is super delicious...

Monday, June 28, 2010

Jewelry with a cause: SAVE THE GULF

I've been struggling with making jewelry just for jewelry-sake because I prefer to make works of art for the body that has meaning.
This is where i flourish as an artist. So I recently launched Adorn & Conquer, a line of jewelry with a message. It's activism through adornment.

My new work is a body of work called 'SAVE THE GULF', every sale will donation $5-$10 (depending on piece) to the National Audubon Society, to help with the gulf spill oiled animal cleaning.

This is my life, this is my activism, and this is my jewelry for people who want more than just jewelry. You are my people.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Gulf Oil Update

The American people need to see this, can we please demand solar and wind energy now?
Get involved, somehow....

Friday, April 30, 2010

Volunteer efforts for Gulf Oil Spill Clean Up!

I'm DYING, my gulf is DYING!

Check out this site- Information provided for Volunteer efforts.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Mardi Gras and Krewe Do Craft

It's that time of year again NOLA! Come watch the Box of Wine Parade this Sunday, February 14, 2010 at 3 pm at the corner of Washington and St Charles. We will end at The Big Top on Clio St.
My Throw! A handmade Peewee Crazy street sign POT HOLDER!

Who is Krewe 'Do' Craft?

We are a small group of artisans and craftsmen who first paraded in 2008 in Box of Wine. Founded by local artists, we are a walking krewe featuring special, handmade throws as an alternative to the mass-produced plastic beads that litter the streets and trees during Mardi Gras. Our throws are unique, handcrafted, and made with love! They are also very collectible, and people truly feel as though they have received something special.

Our vision is to do our part in keeping Mardi Gras local, by offering locally made throws and supporting the vibrant arts community that is such a part of New Orleans. Krewe do Craft's throws have been featured online and in the Times-Picayune.

more pictures on our Flickr Site. or our facebook page.